Vintage VW Camper & Bus Rentals – A Blast From The Past

June 19th, 2015 by

From the time Volkswagen started making the “people’s car” in the 1930s to the time they started arriving in force in the United States in the ‘50s to the inclusion of the VW Bus as a force majeure in the counterculture of the 1960s, Volkswagen has achieved a status nearly as iconic in the U.S. as it is in Germany.

The Spirit of the ’70s
Many have fond memories of those freewheeling days, days spent behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Bus, going wherever the winds, our whims and the road in front of us led. Now, thanks to organizations like Florida’s Oldscool Campers (in Pinellas Park), we can experience that thrill all over again.
Too young to remember the ’60s and ’70s? Don’t worry too much about it; most of the people who lived it don’t remember it all that well, either. Regardless of your age, get out to the flea market, buy a Strawberry Alarm Clock 8-track and rent a vintage VW Bus. You’ll catch on quick enough!

VW camper vans at Florida Oldscool Campers
VW Camper Vans at Florida Oldscool Campers

Whether you’re just looking to spend a weekend hopping beaches from Florida to Georgia, or you want to take a trip across country, there’s no better way to do it than in a vintage VW Bus or Camper Van. We at VW of Athens applaud the long-overdue return of a legendary German auto that helped spark an iconic American way of life.

Oldscool’s vintage VW Camper vans are beautifully restored. The windows offer an unsurpassed view, the interiors feature a pair of pull-down beds and hungry travelers can pull over and cook a two course meal on the vans’ fully functional interior stove. You can even wash up in the VW Bus’ functioning sink.

To an even greater degree than the RVs that would come along later, an old VW Bus or Camper Van really gave you an opportunity to enjoy the experience, wherever your destination happened to be. It can be argued that, novelty aside, these old VW standbys still allow you a level of convenience and enjoyment that sets them apart from more modern small RVs.

Hippie culture not really your thing? Don’t let that stop you. The VW Bus was an integral part of that scene, but you don’t need peace beads or tie dye shirts to enjoy the unique view of life on the open road that you can get from a vintage VW bus.

Where Can You Get a VW Camper Van?
Don’t want to drive all the way to Florida to rent a vintage VW bus? That’s not a problem, either. There are lots of places across the country renting out the ultimate hippie-cultural experience, including one in Atlanta and Retro Bus Rental an hour west in Snellville.

Most vintage VW Bus rental companies offer classic Volkswagen Camper in the color schemes that will forever be sewn into the fabric of the ‘60s and ‘70s – sage green, sunflower yellow, pumpkin orange and more. Of course, the more mundane browns and whites are available, too, but c’mon, if you’re renting a vintage VW Bus, go all out and put a little color in your life.

In addition to those looking to catch a nostalgic wave, renting a vintage VW Bus or Camper Van would be ideal for small families who want to go camping but who don’t have their own camper. Not only are they simpler than a typical popup camper, but they’ll save you a few dollars in gas, as their 1.7 L engines were sipping gas and saving the planet long before it came into vogue.