Volkswagen Car Net Technology

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Volkswagen Car Net Technology
Are you interested in staying connected both on the road and off? If so, VW Car Net Technology is something that will change the way you look at driving forever. Basically, this new technology is going to provide drivers near Jefferson, GA with the ability to extend their reach far beyond the steering wheel.

They’ll be provided with useful navigation tools, maintenance assistance, and a wide array of security features. Keep reading to learn more about what features VW Car Net Technology has to offer.

Automatic Crash Notification
In the unfortunate case of an accident, a call from your VW vehicle will automatically be sent to a VW Car Net customer care specialist. This comes in handy should your vehicle ever roll over or your airbags deploy and you can’t physically use your phone. In the end, this basically means sending help to the accident point when you need it most.

Roadside Assistance
If drivers experience a flat tire when driving through Athens, GA, or if they ever get into any other kind of distress, all that they would need to do is hit the “Wrench” button in their VW vehicle. This will trigger a call to roadside assistance. They will be able to trace the signal back to your geographic location and provide you with help so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance
Another prominent feature associated with VW Car Net Technology is that it offers stolen vehicle location assistance. This is a way to safeguard against a car thief making away with your vehicle forever, and will allow law enforcement to track them down right away. Overall, this decreases the chances of something bad happening to your vehicle if it ever gets stolen. The best part is that this service works whether or not the keys are in the ignition.

Speed Alert
Do you have a teenager who you worry about when they borrow the car? If so, you’ll know be able to keep up with their driving speed while they’re away- all from the comfort of your own couch. After setting your speed preferences, VW Car Net Technology will send you a text message or email (which you can configure) letting you know that the pre-specified speed you set has been passed. This can help reinforce positive driving habits in younger drivers without you actually needing to be there.

Boundary Alert
On a similar token, drivers can take advantage of Boundary Alert. This will alert you the same way, but only when the driver surpasses a specific geographic boundary in Winder, GA. So if someone borrows your vehicle and takes it to a different location that what was pre-agreed upon then you will know. It’s simply another efficient way of keeping your vehicle safe and staying updated while it is being borrowed. To learn more, and see this technology first hand, stop by VW of Athens as soon as possible!

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