Volkswagen I.D. Electric Concept Car

December 27th, 2016 by

Electric as a means of vehicle propulsion is here to stay – whether in the hybrid form, or the full electric vehicle guise, electricity will be a major part of the cars of the future. The question is, how far away is that future, and what carmakers are more prepared to meet the challenges?

Volkswagen I.D. Concept
Volkswagen has long been an automaker that strives to be at the forefront of trends and progress. From the original hot hatchbacks to highly capable small SUVs, VW has been there. With the unveiling of the Volkswagen I.D concept car, it’s clear that the company sees fully-electric vehicles as the next wave, and is preparing to meet that wave head-on.

VW platform
The base for the new generation will be the MEB platform, and brand new platform designed from the ground up. Many Volkswagen vehicles work off of a single platform – the current MQB platform is used as the underpinnings for everything from the Audi A3, to the Volkswagen Passat, to the Volkswagen Tiguan. By creating a modular platform, Volkswagen streamlines production as well as parts supply, allowing for a variety of vehicles with common components. This makes it easier to make, easier to repair, and allows Volkswagen to offer superior products with value-minded pricing.

The MEB platform is designed specifically with electric vehicles in mind. While brand CEO Herbert Diess acknowledges that the MQB platform is capable of providing the versatility for an electric vehicle, he also notes that it creates range constraints. The MEB platform is designed around creating superior range, taking into account the weight of battery packs while still providing modularity to create sedans, small hatchbacks, or compact SUVs off of the same base.

Market Ready Technologies
The I.D. concept car displayed at the Paris Motor Show was a vehicle built to give a glimpse into Volkswagen’s electric future. While the design is very likely to change over the years, it did have internal workings and technologies that are market ready, and could make it into Volkswagen vehicles much sooner. These included:

Flat-lithium-ion battery pack with a projected range of between 249 and 373 miles per charge
Utilization of numerous battery cell types, in order to create supplier competition and reduce cost
Fully-autonomous I.D. Pilot mode with retractable steering wheel
An innovative trunk that can be set up as a parcel delivery mailbox, connected to the owner’s cell phone
Exciting, futuristic new design language, including LED front lighting and aerodynamically-efficient wheel covers
Additionally, while the I.D. will have the footprint of a current-day Golf, the positioning of the battery pack and the structure of the compact powertrain will allow for an interior with the volume of a modern Passat. Overall, the aim of the I.D. is to provide an attainable, efficient, electric car with a practical driving range. When looking at attainability, Volkswagen looks beyond today’s electric vehicles. The most inexpensive EVs of today are well out of the range of many budget-minded buyers, but the I.D. is expected to cost no more than a current diesel Golf. Volkswagen intends to be the leader in e-mobility, with the goal of being the first automaker to produce more than one million electric cars.

VW ID Interior

Volkswagen has already taken steps towards electric vehicles, with the limited-release Jetta Hybrid and fully-electric e-Golf models. Here at Volkswagen of Athens, we are thrilled to see Volkswagen continuing down this path to create cleaner, greener vehicles that are cheaper to run. Stop in to our showroom at 4735 Atlanta Highway and check out the current Volkswagen models on offer, or keep updated with the future of VW’s electric vehicle program.