Volkswagen Leads the Pack in Alternative Energy

March 24th, 2015 by

Alternative energy vehicles have come a long way in the last decade. They are seemingly everywhere, so much so that they are beginning to blend into the automotive landscape. Volkswagen is intent on making alternative energy vehicles that combine style and performance with amazing efficiency. The engineers at Volkswagen don’t want you to look at one of their alternate fuel vehicles and only think about how efficient they are, they want you to imagine yourself driving one around town. In contrast to some of the other major auto builders, Volkswagen has taken the all-in approach. That is to say that they are offering vehicles with a number of different alternate energy options.

Turbo Diesel Engine
Clean Diesel
Gone are the days of diesel cars belching black smoke. They’ve been replaced by vehicles with an improved environmental footprint. Current technology means that clean diesel engines emit 40 percent less diesel particles than ordinary fuel. The EPA has called clean diesel a lean burn technology which means that owners of these vehicles can claim tax credits. Gas mileage for a clean diesel compares favorably with what even the highly touted hybrids are getting. For example, the Volkswagen Passat TDI gets up to 46 mpg on the highway!

Electric-EngineAnother option available to you is an electric model such as the e-Golf. Starting at $33,445, the e-Golf is just the beginning of Volkswagens foray into the electric vehicle market. They have paired with BMW to create a network of 100 fast-charging DC power stations across the United States. This network will allow both makers to compete on an equal footing with Tesla Motors. Tesla have been receiving a lot of publicity regarding their electric vehicles and the infrastructure they are creating to support their cars. Volkswagen wants us to know that they too are working hard to create a network that supports electric vehicles.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Hydrogen fuel cells are the newest of the three types of alternative fueled vehicles listed here. No major car company is selling these on the mass market yet. Volkswagen has signed an agreement with Ballard Power Systems to use that companies patented technology to develop hydrogen fuel celled vehicles. Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell-EngineThis cutting edge technology is still being engineered but shows a lot of promise. Many of the major car manufacturers are pursuing hydrogen fuel cell technology. Volkswagen wants to be at the forefront of this technology as it progresses into full production.

The choices Volkswagen has made demonstrate its commitment to alternative fuel technology. Volkswagen has a long history of development with diesel fuel which has resulted in their clean diesel model lineup. They have recently begun to dip their toes in the electric vehicle market and are in on the early stages of hydrogen fuel cell technology. If you are interested in checking out one of Volkswagens alternative energy vehicles you can check out the information on our website or drop by our showroom any time. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you find the car that is right for you.

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