Volkswagen’s All-New Midsize SUV

September 15th, 2016 by

If you’ve been hearing rumors lately of an all-new Volkswagen SUV designed with families in mind, let us clear the air. It’s true. In fact, the newest midsize SUV from Volkswagen will be targeted squarely at American families who want a larger and more versatile vehicle than the Touareg, capable of seating up to seven thanks to its three rows of seating. The new SUV—still unnamed at this point—will be slightly longer and have more cargo capacity than the Touareg, and is expected to be a strong competitor in a very important market segment to car manufacturers.

We wanted folks around the greater-Athens area to know as much as possible about this exciting new midsize SUV coming from Volkswagen. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of things we think are interesting and good to know if you are considering the purchase of a new family SUV in the near future.

What You Need to Know
Among the important things about this newest midsize SUV from Volkswagen are that it will be available starting sometime in 2017. Also, it will be built just up the road from us in Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee manufacturing plant. The expansion of the Chattanooga plant for assembling the new SUV will mean the addition of around 2,000 new jobs to the area. Here are some other things we think you’ll be interested in.

Exclusively Designed for the U.S. Market
VW SUV side
This newest and largest SUV from Volkswagen was conceived and designed with American families in mind. Its third-row seat, exclusive folding second-row access and increased roof height give this SUV an edge over other similar vehicles. Also, design features that are important to American consumers have been thoroughly evaluated and built into this new and feature-packed SUV.

More Advanced Safety Features
Volkswagen is committed to incorporating a myriad of safety features into its all-new midsize SUV. The platform for this new vehicle will be based on other vehicles in the Volkswagen lineup, which means they will be able to include existing safety technology, in addition to improvements and all-new safety features. We can expect a full set of active safety components along with 4MOTION all-wheel drive, emergency braking, autonomous parking and more. Volkswagen has announced their expectation of a Top Safety Pick + rating.

Plush, Family-Focused Interior
Another feature designed to appeal to American families is the inclusion of Volkswagen’s modular MIB 2 infotainment system. Along with smartphone integration and the ability to act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot within the vehicle, the system will likely also include dual rear seat monitors. Other interior features sure to please families include a panoramic sunroof, second and third row climate controls, rear seat USB ports and more.

VW SUV Interior
Balanced Performance and Comfort
As with all Volkswagen vehicles, the new midsize SUV will represent a balance of superior performance and exceptional passenger comfort. The available 6-cylinder engine is sure to provide plenty of power, while its sport-performance underpinnings will offer a smooth and comfortable ride. This is sure to be a family-friendly SUV with an emphasis on luxury.

If you want to learn more about this latest midsize SUV from Volkswagen, give us a call or stop by our dealership and ask. We’ll be sure to catch you up on the latest information we have, and will even put you on the list of interested folks if you want. That way you can be among the first to see this new entry in the SUV competition first-hand.