VW Crossover Concept Unveiling at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

March 27th, 2016 by

Automakers like to give buyers teasers of their upcoming cars. These teasers give you just enough information to get you interested. Luckily, when you pull the information together, you can see how the new VW Concept car is something to get excited about. While there’s not a whole lot of official information out there, here are a few things you can expect from the new subcompact crossover from VW.

While Volkswagen decided to pique the interest of car enthusiasts with only a few pictures of its new concept car in late February, the official reveal of the crossover happened in March at the Geneva Motor Show. While this doesn’t mean that all the specs and information have been released, it does mean we have a better understanding of what the car entails. For example, the name of the concept car is the Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze. The car is a compact convertible SUV. This is expected to be the most compact SUV offered by the company, according to the head designer, Klaus Bischoff.

Interior Features
While this is just a concept car, and actual features offered upon the vehicle’s release may change, there are a number of great interior features that were revealed inside the vehicle. There is a beautiful, sleek touch screen system in the dash to help you stay entertained. On top of this, the car features a 300-watt BeatsAudio sound system. The instrument cluster is completely digital, getting rid of the old clunky analog system.

T-Cross Interior

Some other features in the T-Cross Breeze concept car include Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and MirrorLink connectivity. These allow you to connect your devices to listen to your favorite music on the go. With a variety of sensors and data, the car automatically determines what kind of surface you’re driving on, and can automatically shift into off-road mode.

One of the most alluring options of this concept car for many is the retractable roof. There aren’t many SUVs out there that are also convertibles. Whether you plan to head off-road or you’re simply driving around town, having an SUV with a retractable roof and an attractive body is a huge draw.

Under The Hood
The subcompact SUV has a turbocharged 1.0-liter inline three-cylinder engine. The engine offers 109 horsepower and 129 lb.-ft. of torque. While this car doesn’t have the extreme power that many new cars give, this is on purpose. The car is quick, light, and is expected to achieve amazing gas mileage. In addition to the engine, the car has a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Volkswagen stated at the Geneva Motor Show that it expects the vehicle to hit 62 mph in just over 10 seconds. The top speed available on the car at this point is 117 mph.

Because of the small frame and small engine, the T-Cross Breeze is expected to have great fuel efficiency. In fact, the company stated that it should get around 47 mpg. This is a huge benefit for consumers, since everyone is looking for ways to save at the pump. Depending on changes that may be made from concept to release, gas mileage may become even more efficient on the vehicle.

The revealed concept car is 162.7 inches long, with a width of 70.8 inches. The wheelbase is 101 inches and had 19-inch wheels. As a subcompact crossover SUV, the car only seats four. There is not as much cargo space in the vehicle as some consumers would like, though this should be expected from the small size of the vehicle.

T-Cross Convertible

Changes in Design
Because this is a concept car, it’s important to remember that the features, specs, and design of the car may change before it’s officially released. However, most auto experts expect that the majority of the SUV will stay the same between reveal and release. In addition, there will be additional features and packages not shown at the Auto Show that consumers can add to the vehicle.

Release Date and Price
At this point, there is no official release date or pricing on the T-Cross Breeze. It is expected to be released in 2018, though this depends on overall demand and other development factors. Volkswagen stated at the Geneva Auto Show that the car will be affordable; however, it gave no estimated starting price.

It’s always interesting to see what automakers have in mind for their future vehicles. The T-Cross Breeze is a beautiful, unique subcompact crossover SUV with a huge variety of features. As the auto world learns more about this concept vehicle, it’s sure to evoke a lot more interest than it already has.