An Electric VW Microbus?

January 28th, 2016 by

The VW Transporter, otherwise known as the Microbus, earned a strong following in the 1960s. It was one of the first vehicles to offer abundant interior space for passengers and cargo. In fact, many people see a direct lineage from the early Microbus to the minivans that gained popularity around the same time.

The Microbus is poised to make a big comeback in the United States. The upcoming model could offer just as many revolutionary features as the first design back in the ’60s. Of course, today’s drivers will have the advantages of contemporary technology.

The New Microbus May Be Electric
Volkswagen has been rolling out teasers and details about the new Microbus for several months. A statement from January 2016 hints that the Microbus will be an electric, long-range vehicle. The manufacturer has also used the word “affordable” to describe the Microbus. So far, Volkswagen has only released two electric vehicles. Since both of them were luxury cars, it’s not quite accurate to call them affordable. The Microbus could signal the company’s entry into lower-priced electric vehicles with long ranges so people don’t have to worry about running out of juice during their commutes.

This is exciting news, especially considering that the U.S. Department of Energy boasts several benefits of driving electric vehicles. Some of those benefits include:

Fewer emissions that harm the environment and human health
Improved fuel economy
Lower fuel costs for drivers
Better energy security for the country
An Attractive Build
The old VW bus had a blocky exterior. It looked great for the era, but times have changed. Today’s drivers want sleeker vehicles with plenty of exterior features. From VW’s releases, it looks like that’s exactly what consumers will get from the Microbus.

Early pictures of the Microbus show a long vehicle with rounded edges that offset straighter lines found on the sides. The pictures also show that the Microbus will have plenty of LED lighting that will make it attractive and safe. There is even a red LED reverse light that stretches the entire width of the car. That will make it pretty impossible for other drivers not to know when the Microbus is about to back up.

VW Budd-E Concept
Could the Microbus Offer Camping Features?
There is still a lot left to learn about the 2017 Microbus. After all, it has been a long time since VW sold them in the United States. If you look to Europe, where the buses are still popular, you may get a few ideas about what the Microbus will offer.

That could mean that the Microbus offers a few camping features like:

A pop top
Window shades
A foldout picnic table
Some European models even have sinks, stoves, and built-in coolers.

Does this mean the new American Microbus will offer similar features? Not necessarily, but they would fit well into the VW bus’s history and could even help generate excitement among a new generation of wanderers.

At this time, no one knows exactly what the VW electric Microbus will be like, but these tantalizing hints mean that you can always hope for the coolest features possible.

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